Start Your Own Business!

Almost everyone has an interest…

ParaglidingA topic that fires their imagination and inspires them to continue learning about it.

For many people, this subject becomes a passion that they love enough to encourage others to share and enjoy.

It could be cooking, fishing, knitting, golf or paragliding that they are happy to chat about for hours.

Frequently people who are passionately interested, are inspiring and interesting to listen to when they are explaining about their chosen subject.

Camera CuppaOften their strong attachment to the chosen topic is infectious and will instigate others to ‘give it a go’!

How many times have you found yourself doing something with a friend, when you’d sworn to yourself ‘No Way!’… only to find that you enjoyed it?

So, you might go back to the gym with Jo or even join that cooking class with Clive after all!

Use your passion, to learn how to earn!

Have you ever dreamed what it would be like not to have go into work every day? Always working for someone else and taking home the money they choose to give you.

Money Dodgy GeezerYes, I know… haven’t we all read about this stuff online?

Those adverts that promise to make you a millionaire this time next month, next year or while you sleep!

We have heard all about the scams and masses of money wasted on promises not worth the websites they are printed on.

Most people know someone who got caught in this type of hype. Sadly, usually someone vulnerable without much to lose in the first place.

Luckily, I have never been caught up in this massive and increasing scamming industry.

Firstly, because I understood nothing about internet marketing, technical issues or websites.

Secondly, because I was too scared to even pretend to be slightly competent in this area!

But, I have long held a secret passion… in this age of the internet business, I had always dreamed of putting my ‘bricks and mortar’ business online. Although, I had no clue or finances to attempt this seemingly mammoth task.

A Business that supports you to earn from home

Now, I consider myself an honest, straightforward person, realistic and not given to flights of fantasy.

But I when found a review entitled ‘Build An Online Business From Scratch – Totally Free!’… I admit I was intrigued. This one sounded so completely bonkers that it must a total scam?WA Change Your Life

I found this article at a time that I was sat with a coffee and could read all the craziness!

And I read and read and read… and the longer I read, the more it made sense. Which really doesn’t make sense unless you read it too!  CLICK THE LITTLE SQUARE! ->

This was my introduction to Wealthy Affiliate.

When people begin to consider working from home or starting their own business, the myriad of questions begins to become overwhelming.

Further down the page you will find the main ones which plagued me night and day, as I began to contemplate this seemingly improbable undertaking. Along with simple answers I found to each one!

I have worked in education long enough to believe that knowledge is power…

So, I set about reading everything I could about Wealthy Affiliate. I weighed up pros and cons and I assessed it firmly with a healthy dose of scepticism in respect to my every prospective business need.

Much to my amazement each and every time, I came out with more pros than cons.

All this is free, no credit card required and you can choose to build two business websites and stay on the free level for ever!

Wealthy Affiliate really will support you to build your own business, from the bottom up with little or no prior knowledge of website building or technical expertise.

What do I get from the Wealthy Affiliate program?

#1. It is completely FREE to join

I could not find another program which could truthfully make this claim.

#2. Wealthy Affiliate is a Community who are always available and supportive

This is a community of like-minded individuals from across the globe, constantly sharing ideas and always willing to support each other.

#3. This is a community of caring experts, who have also been ‘newbies’

A community that is made up of people who have built successful businesses, but who remember how it was to be a ‘newbie’. So, there is always available, expert advice from people who understand the importance of ‘paying it forward’.

#4. It walks you through how to make real money.

Many other programs tell you that you can make money and that’s it!

At Wealthy Affiliate, you get step-by-step tuition and support in every area of building your business. A firm foundation towards a regular income!

#5. The training is built in straightforward, simple steps

If you are building your first business and website, then this is definitely the place to start.

If you require a more advanced tuition level or support that is also available.

#6. Constantly updated, but price has stayed the same

This is the most advanced training platform in its field and is constantly being improved and updated.

Since Wealthy Affiliate started in 2005 the price has not changed…  this is truly value for money!

#8. Everything Under One Roof

If you require hosting, training, support, mentoring, performance tools, content writing tools, keyword research tools, templates or live chat, you will find it and much more all under the same roof!

Will Wealthy Affiliate cost me a fortune?

Price #1:  FREE    (in any type of currency!)

The cost of joining Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter member is… $0.00 / £0.00

INCLUDES: Premium access for the first 7 days

2 x free, fully functional, hosted websites

Level 1 – Certification Course

Phase 1 – Affiliate Bootcamp Course

Affiliate Program

Access to the Live Chat (limited to the first 7 days)

Access to Private Messaging, including the Platform owners (limited to the first 7 days)


Price # 2:  First Month – ONLY $19* See below

A Premium Service


This investment allows you access to ALL areas of the platform, which pays back BIG TIME.

INCLUDES: All the free items, PLUS

Hosting for up to 25 domains

Access to build and host over 50 websites

Advanced Certification Courses (5 Levels)

Advanced Affiliate Bootcamp Courses (7 Phases)

2 x Higher Commissions

Access to training webinars (weekly) and replays (Live Video classes)

Private Coaching

FREE Keyword Tool for content creation

Unlimited Private Messaging (including the Platform owners)


Price # 3: Monthly Membership – ONLY $49

Includes: ALL of the above!

Having had access to the first month’s discount offer and the huge amount of resources and support from the Wealthy Affiliate community and owners, you will very likely have a functioning website up and running.

You may even be making some money!

So, you begin to pay the bargain membership price ONLY when you begin to see the value of this platform and what it can offer you. But your membership can be CANCELLED easily at any time with no hassle, unlike many other companies online.


Does Wealthy Affiliate do what it says?

Well, their claim is to… ‘Turn Your Passion into a Thriving Online Business’.

Be FearlessSo, I guess the initial part of ‘what it says’ is down to each individual person?

The topic/area you choose to start your business in needs to be something you are passionate about.

Then you will have the motivation and resilience to stick with it through challenging times.

And much like positive parenting, nurturing a successful business either on or offline needs regular dedication, resilience and disciplined focus.

This is where FINDING YOUR PASSION comes in, you must have the conviction that THIS IS RIGHT and YOU CAN DO IT!

Climb Up GoldSo Wealthy Affiliate steps in and provides all the above support and resources.

But as a newbie I found the most valuable resource was not just the huge range of techie stuff, but the regular caring community support, advice and guidance of some amazing new friends from right across the globe.

This truly 24-hour community support system, with back up from a professional customer service which replies to any query within a few minutes, is invaluable and not found at any other learning program.

“Why did I join Wealthy Affiliate?”

To prove to myself that I could join the ‘online learning, business community’ and get back to working for myself, wherever I want to be, in a business I love, am good at and can make successful.

“Why did I stay?”Team of Smiles

Because I love the relaxed, supportive and caring working environment and would be really sorry to lose the support, friendship and knowledge of some of the most inspiring people I have ever met.


They truly make working wherever my wi-fi access takes me a much more vibrant and colourful world!

So, I strongly recommend you take a deep breath and join the FUN AND FREEDOM WITH WEALTHY AFFILIATE…  and I’ll be alongside you every step of the way!



4 replies on “Start Your Own Business!”

  1. John Rico says:

    Hello there! I’d love to try wealthy affiliate. I heard great things about it and it got my interest. The problem is that I don’t know how it works. Luckily I found your article. After I read your article I learned great things about wealthy affiliate and how it works. Do you think that wealthy affiliate is great for a beginner like me who doesn’t know anything but have plenty of spare time?

    • Sue says:

      Hi John, good to hear from you, I am sure that you will love the encouraging, supportive community at Wealthy Affiliate. This really is an amazing opportunity for a beginner… I know as I was a complete beginner when I started here! 

      The training and support is very easy to understand and if you need any help you can either ask the community (which is what I really love most about WA) or myself 24/7!

      Many people with highly successful businesses still work out of Wealthy Affiliate so the support is available on all levels. One of the main bonuses for me is to be able to work at my own speed and not having to keep paying out for extras.

      If you have plenty of spare time and are interested in building a long-term business of your own, I am sure you will soon be well on your way to success without having to spend any money!

      Trust me! Joining Wealthy Affiliate can only be a positive move towards success. I hope you decide to take this opportunity and if you need any more help just ask! Good luck, Sue  🙂

  2. Neil says:

    I think it’s absolutely amazing how the internet gives us all the opportunity to turn our passions into a full-time income. This is a golden opportunity that our Grandparents never had growing up, so we should definitely make the most of it in this day and age.

    Personally, I would love to be financially free, so I could ditch my job and live life on my own terms for once. And it seems that this Wealthy Affiliate recommendation of yours can help me to accomplish just that. 🙂

    Learning about the what I will get from WA and especially the affordable price for the membership, it’s definitely a platform that I’m taking advantage of.

    Thanks for helping me to start up my own biz on the web!


    • Sue says:

      Hi Neil,

      I agree that there are so many exciting opportunities available for creating a positive future on your own terms these days!

      If you are committed to doing the research and putting the work in, you can certainly build your dream to be financially free, ditch the day job and work online from wherever you choose!

      I have found myself doing this exact same thing with Wealthy Affiliate. A possibility which still totally amazes me, as I am a pretty sceptical person and wasn’t entirely convinced by this claim!

      But here I am, a complete beginner running an online business on a topic that I am passionate about and able to work in an area of my choice every day! The training, support and encouragement of this community is second to none.

      I am sure that you will enjoy and profit from your time on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Explore, experiment and always ask if you need help …it’s a 24/7 worldwide community!

      Most of all have fun building your future as you want to live it!  Good Luck, Sue  

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