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When Laziness Saves Time!

Sleeping KoalaI was so tired, but I knew that I had to sit down and write some content for my site…

The format would be the regular pattern that that I use for each different type of post, although obviously the content would be unique.

At that point, I was thanking my foresight to have set up a template to fill in for each paragraph… beginning, middle section and the end!


I have these types of templates for much of the ‘regular’ type of work that I do. I find that it keeps my thoughts on a topic moving forward.


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I Need A Plan!

Now, Where Is That List??



I know I wrote it all down…  I KNOW I wrote a list


If I wrote a list then I wouldn’t have to remember any of ‘it’?


Would I?


My list was chock full of full of…  Important Things To Do!


But what on earth were they? Can’t I remember, even one… just a little one? Continue reading →