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What Is Online Traffic?

The phrase ‘online traffic’ refers to the numbers of users who visit a website.

This traffic is calculated in visits and is generally the method used to evaluate the effectiveness of your website to attract visitors and clients.

When a person goes to your website their visit is recorded and the time they spend there, the pages that they view and the links they click, then follow, are recorded.

These figures are collected to provide statistics which will give some perspective on the popularity of your website.

Why Is Website Traffic Important?

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What Is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is an opportunity for any individual to create the life of their dreams!

Whatever that concept means to you, online marketing is a means within most people’s capability to achieve a level of it.

I believe that it has never been easier to set up your own business, without even going outside your front door!

You, your laptop and the curiosity to research your niche effectively will enable you to set up a business on any of the numerous platforms online.

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A Whole New Way To Do Amazon!

Have you ever wondered why some people are highly successful at Amazon and make millions from it while others, maybe including you, can hardly make a dent in it?

Me too.

Low-content books, Amazon stores, WordPress Amazon store plugins, Dropshipping. Those are just some of the ways you can piggyback on the success of Amazon.

There’s no denying that some people have been successful at one or more of these methods, but most people who have tried them have either struggled enormously or dropped by the wayside. Me too. You too?

Until now that is…

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