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Hi, I’m Sue,

I am really pleased to welcome you to Wisdom-Wings.

This is the bit where apparently I talk about myself and tell you how I got here!

The Very Beginning!

As the eldest sibling in a large family I soon become accustomed to what seemed a regular delivery of small humans arriving on the scene. When I was small myself it was mostly fun to have real live ‘dollies’ to play with, but as I grew older I began to realise that this came with the responsibility of various ‘ok’ and ‘not so nice’ chores attached!

Sibling Children GroupSo, I developed the watching out for others… ‘mother-hen’ syndrome. I inadvertently became the leader of a fairly unruly pack of younger siblings and assorted friends, spending most of my childhood being classed as the ‘big one’!

Always watching out for the ‘little ones’, baling siblings out of ‘sticky situations’ and sharing out everything to go around everyone. Mostly, this was ok as I carved out a ‘role’ and place for myself in a large often bewildering family situation.

My First ‘Break’

Reaching middle teenage years as the eldest sibling in a large family was quite challenging. Good IdeaIt was difficult to develop an individual identity with so many demands from younger offspring. But the one thing everybody accepted, was that ‘Sue loves kids’!

So, when friends of my parents began to offer me babysitting opportunities, I realised that I could be paid for doing what seemed to come naturally and something that I really enjoyed. This seemed totally amazing!

This I think was when the idea of working my dream job first took hold.

Training and Jobs

Nursery Toddler BlocksOnce I realised that I could make money doing what I loved and was good at, I decided to train as a Nursery Nurse. After searching various training opportunities, I enrolled on a Montessori course.

I found the Montessori ethos of supporting and encouraging young children in discovery and problem solving for themselves, comfortably fitted with my own principles of holistic early years life skills and education.

Life Changes

After spending several years supporting many parents and their young children, I was lucky enough to have two of my own. During discussions with friends and colleagues about work and children, I realised that many of them were disgruntled about the standard of childcare that they discovered when looking to place their own children.

This took me back to the time when I realised I could make money doing what I loved… babysitting!

I began to ponder on a far more ‘grown-up’ version of using my increasing toolbox of transferable skills and passion for positive child development. Plus, spend more time with my own young children.

I began working from home, childminding a small group of three children, including my own.

This developed over the next few years into a Day-care Unit with over fifty registered places and over a hundred (up to four-year olds) on the roll.

When my children moved to high school I set up and ran a state-owned Children’s Centre, a very challenging job role which led me to take a degree in social work.

I loved life in academia, although soon discovered that writing academic assessments was NOT my strong point! Nevertheless, I left with a degree and an ever-recurring passion that I needed to get back to doing what I love.

Onwards and Upwards…

With my own two children happily settled doing what they loved, I finally decided to take my key philosophy ‘to help others, help themselves’, turn it around and apply it to myself!

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for life!”

Moving with the times, I decided to move my successful ‘Parenting Skills and Child Development’ business brand online and work for myself.

Having already run my own successful businesses, I know that this is totally viable.

I look forward to sharing this exciting opportunity with you as you join me along the journey to freedom and independence by building your own successful business.

If you need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

‘Give your Wisdom, the Wings it deserves!’

Regards, Sue  🙂


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