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WordPress and Websites!

Just a few years ago it was a challenging task to set up your own website if you had little or no technical knowledge.

Now There Is WordPress…

WordPress is used worldwide by 74 million websites publishing new posts and articles every second. Watch and laptop

This is a seriously powerful content management system (CMS) tool.

Justifiably, well known for it’s famous “5-minute install!”

When you are developing your own website deciding how it will be used is a key factor.

A few of the numerous ways people use websites for their businesses are …

  • Use it for imparting information as a blog
  • Making money by selling their own products
  • As an affiliate for other people’s products.

Here are 7 impressive reasons why you should use WordPress for your business…

1.Powerful, straight from the box!

WordPress is ready to use immediately after you have installed it, no searching and paying for extra add-ons and random plug-ins for RSS feeds or Comments. These are core features with WordPress.

This platform is intuitive, user friendly and extremely easy to use. Continue reading →

What Is A Niche?

Lego PhotographerThe commonly recognised meaning of the word ‘niche’ in internet marketing refers to an area of particular interest or to a person’s ‘passion’. This could be a hobby or talent, but it will need to be a topic that grips your interest enough to enable you to inspire others to feel the same way!

The dictionary definition of a niche is…

Noun: A distinct segment of the market.

Adjective: Pertaining to or intended for a market niche; having specific appeal. (


What is my niche and why do I need one?

Bored woman imageI discovered the subject and reason for MY niche the really hard way!

When I was thinking about starting my own online business many friends helpfully suggested numerous niches in which I could apparently make ‘masses of money’.

So, I found myself dabbling in random topics like fishing flies and baking implements and increasingly losing the plot… having no particular interest in any of these topics.

It got harder and harder to summon up any enthusiasm to write with any kind of conviction about things which frankly, I really didn’t care about!

Just as I had decided to stop attempting to do this as a job, it wasn’t what I believed it was going to be, a thought emerged… Continue reading →