I Need A Plan!

Now, Where Is That List??



I know I wrote it all down…  I KNOW I wrote a list


If I wrote a list then I wouldn’t have to remember any of ‘it’?


Would I?


My list was chock full of full of…  Important Things To Do!


But what on earth were they? Can’t I remember, even one… just a little one?


How on earth have I have managed to get this far in life without having any even slightly functioning brain cells!


Quick recap… yes, the kids seem reasonably normal, ‘Work vs Life‘ is still just about functioning, no-one has attempted to book me a carer yet!


Everything seems to be running along ok… but I know there’s so much to do.


I’m sure I’ve forgotten something vital  ☹


I’m on those ‘tramlines’ again, round and round in circles until that dreaded word gets me in its desperate grip…



What is your dream?

Work out a plan, stay focussed, keep going… AND ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

Keep smiling folks,  Sue  ?




Do you have any helpful hints or tips? I would love to hear them…


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