Just One Hour A Day!

You must be kidding!

I have no spare time, no spare money and no motivation…


How do I even BEGIN to try and make life and my

future seem positive and promising again?


Most people have found themselves in this situation due to the lack of one or all of the above.

I know that I certainly have!

If this sounds like your life at the moment, kick off your shoes, pour yourself a cuppa and spare me a few minutes…

Just a quick couple of questions!


What makes you smile?

Your children, a good game of golf, a family day out, baking, taking beautiful photos…

I could go on!

Family Camping

Most people have an interest, topic or pastime which makes them feel happy when they think about it.


What would be the special something that makes you feel relaxed enough to sit with your cuppa and a contented smile on your face?


How would you feel if I said that you could spend a whole hour a day, away from the madness of your life… and be totally involved with that topic every day!


Would you give up an hour of TV watching? Could you plan your housework more efficiently? Delegate some chores or multi-task the kid’s activities?Time Balance


You spend most of the day meeting other people’s needs and juggling relentless jobs that ‘have’ to be done.


But do they really!

Are you in an endless routine ‘loop’?


Where could you find an extra hour in the day to do something that means a lot to YOU?


So have you identified your passion and where you could find an hour in your day to pursue it?

Single Smile


Now… how about spending quality time with others who have the same interest!

Supporting people who are new to this topic…

Getting support when you need it from people who care about your passion and possibly even making some extra money along the way?


All in your extra hour a day and without spending a single dime!

WA Change Your Life