What Is A Niche?

Lego PhotographerThe commonly recognised meaning of the word ‘niche’ in internet marketing refers to an area of particular interest or to a person’s ‘passion’. This could be a hobby or talent, but it will need to be a topic that grips your interest enough to enable you to inspire others to feel the same way!

The dictionary definition of a niche is…

Noun: A distinct segment of the market.

Adjective: Pertaining to or intended for a market niche; having specific appeal. (Dictionary.com)


What is my niche and why do I need one?

Bored woman imageI discovered the subject and reason for MY niche the really hard way!

When I was thinking about starting my own online business many friends helpfully suggested numerous niches in which I could apparently make ‘masses of money’.

So, I found myself dabbling in random topics like fishing flies and baking implements and increasingly losing the plot… having no particular interest in any of these topics.

It got harder and harder to summon up any enthusiasm to write with any kind of conviction about things which frankly, I really didn’t care about!

Just as I had decided to stop attempting to do this as a job, it wasn’t what I believed it was going to be, a thought emerged…

‘Ok, I wasn’t making money and no-one was really following my website, but I did enjoy writing!’

Woman peace happinessSo, why not just write about things that interested ME? I’d enjoy it and if no-one read it, never mind.

I set to with a vengeance, researching and writing about innovative ideas and issues in my chosen niche.

Then I joined groups and forums to chat to others with views and opinions on these topics.

This fired my enthusiasm. I suddenly realised that I was doing this with a real passion because I cared… and people were listened, asking me questions and offering suggestions.

I had found my niche!


How do YOU find your niche?

The niche you choose will be your specific sector of a wider market.

People reseaching online A niche is really a group of people looking for stuff!

If golf is your passion, then look at a subdivision of the general topic area.

This will enable you to develop a more focussed understanding of the needs and issues where people require support.

So, maybe, golf equipment would be a suitable niche?

After all there is much to choose from! You may find that going even narrower is necessary… perhaps golf clubs?

This still offers a lot of choice and opportunity to give advice, support and guidance to beginners and right through to those of a professional level standard.

Tips to help discover your niche…

  • Identify your interests and passions. Make a list of your 5 top interests and passions.
  • Look at how you enjoy spending your free time?
  • What would you prefer to be doing, when you are not doing it!
  • Which magazines do you read?
  • What clubs and organisations do you belong to?Smartphone all the world

These will be interests and passions that you can happily talk about and subjects that you want to learn more about.

There are millions of people looking online for ‘stuff’ and they are all looking in different ‘niches’.

You will surely find one in your chosen interest!


A few other points to ponder when looking for YOUR niche…

  • You will be communicating with people within your niche.
  • You will be writing content within your niche.
  • You will need to enjoy helping people within your niche.
  • You will be choosing products to promote within your niche.
  • This first niche probably won’t be your last… so it doesn’t need to be perfect!
  • ANY niche can become a full-time successful business.

Reminder… ‘It doesn’t need to be perfect’, there is NO SUCH THING as choosing the wrong niche!

So, don’t spend ages agonising. Find a topic you’d love to work with and decide which area of it will be your niche.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Steve Jobs, Stanford University, 2005.

Children excited laptop

Once you have determined a niche that you can invest yourself in, have confidence in your ability to get started.

The first step is the step that many people never get around to!

You will find that the learning and growth from taking these first steps towards your ‘great work’ will be far greater than the rewards of just planning!

So, I strongly recommend you take a deep breath and join the FUN AND FREEDOM WITH YOUR OWN BUSINESS…  and I’ll be alongside you every step of the way!



If you need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out…


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