What Is Online Traffic?

The phrase ‘online traffic’ refers to the numbers of users who visit a website.

This traffic is calculated in visits and is generally the method used to evaluate the effectiveness of your website to attract visitors and clients.

When a person goes to your website their visit is recorded and the time they spend there, the pages that they view and the links they click, then follow, are recorded.

These figures are collected to provide statistics which will give some perspective on the popularity of your website.

Why Is Website Traffic Important?

Basically, every business needs customers!

If you are not attracting visitors, the internet is a huge expanse to get lost in, however shiny and expensive your website might be.

The traffic statistics to your website will record if your business is receiving visitors, where they are coming from, which pages trigger their interest and how long they stay.

If you can use this information to generate more traffic, this will then generate more income.

Customers who appreciate your website and the products you sell or promote will be more likely to return and refer your website to others.

The more varied and relevant the information and products you show on your website the longer people are likely to stay, which increases the likelihood they will sign up to a newsletter and become a repeat customer.

What Can Be Monitored By Website Traffic?

This is not a complicated process and can produce invaluable information to help with selling your products or services and creating new opportunities.

  • Record how effective your site is.
  • Determine where your web traffic is coming from.
  • Identify the pages which are stimulating your visitors interest.
  • Calculate the length of time that your visitors stay on the site.
  • Monitor the impact of your marketing endeavours.
  • Increase the efficiency of your whole website.

People, people, people… ultimately no business can survive without
a steady flow of traffic from the right demographic.

How To Get More Website Traffic

A crucial element of getting and increasing your website traffic is to ensure that you always have high quality content and to introduce new content on a regular basis.

One of the common misunderstandings about website traffic is that any traffic is good traffic

What should always be remembered is that it is people who are interested in your topic or what you are trying to sell… and those are the most important people to encourage.

  • Post on forums.
  • Utilize the power of social marketing.
  • Start a blog.
  • Use email marketing
  • Strengthen your website SEO.

The most basic and effective method to increase ‘targeted online traffic’ is to optimize all your content for search engines.

This allows a targeted audience or the people who are most interested to find your website.

Ultimately, the largest factor in generating the long term success of your online business will be Search Engine Optimization.

Successful online marketers realise that driving targeted traffic to their site
will always generate the most long term revenue.

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