When Laziness Saves Time!

Sleeping KoalaI was so tired, but I knew that I had to sit down and write some content for my site…

The format would be the regular pattern that that I use for each different type of post, although obviously the content would be unique.

At that point, I was thanking my foresight to have set up a template to fill in for each paragraph… beginning, middle section and the end!


I have these types of templates for much of the ‘regular’ type of work that I do. I find that it keeps my thoughts on a topic moving forward.


Useful information about templates!

  • Template ImageIf you have similar documents that you need to create on a regular basis, it can be beneficial to create templates for them.
  • Having templates to use means that you do not have to waste time creating from scratch each time, just use the same format and fill in with the new content.
  • They can increase flexibility, as they provide continuity and are easy to update.
  • Templates help to keep your blog / website standardized. This will help in building your own unique brand.
  • When your website starts to become standardized, visitors will begin to learn where how to navigate your site quickly.
  • Templates can be used as a useful way to organise information.


This got me to wondering…

What type of ‘cheats or support’ hints and tips would other folks use keep moving steadily onwards and upwards?


Do you have any useful / helpful hints and tips to share?

I love my templates… Keep Smiling, Sue  🙂



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