Why Work For Myself?

This is the place where I will put down all my musings and ponderings as I travel along the road towards online SUCCESS!

Road to successA word that means different things to different people, mostly determined by the position in life where you find yourself at the time?

I look forward to sharing my experiences with you and hope that we can motivate each other with support, advice and inspiration.

Please keep in touch and let me know how your journey is going and if I can help!


I have resolved to start my own business… that’s what I just decided, wasn’t it?

Ok, time to strap on my Wisdom Wings!

Why did I decide to start my own online business?

Flexibility – my original reason for working for myself was to be able to work from home to be around for my own children. Now they are older I love the idea of choosing my own location and time to work.

Working wherever and whenever it suits ME!

Enjoying workDoing Work That I Enjoy – Now I am working in an area that I have a passion for, I work much more effectively.

I work every day feeling motivated and inspired. I find myself more curious, imaginative, always eager to learn more and never bored.

Interested people are so much more interesting!

Being Creative – Working for myself allows me to create my own boundaries and exercise my own creativity.

I decide how I network, market and deal with clients. I do not have to conform to some else’s rules and regulations.

Not that other people’s ideas and stipulations are wrong…  they are just not a completely comfortable fit for me!

Becoming More Resilient – When I work for myself I can wake up whatever time I please,

Coffee breakI can work in my pyjamas and… I can choose NOT to work if I want. It may sound fun to work for yourself, but it can be stressful if you do not apply a robust level of self-discipline effectively.

You need to be determined and make sure you achieve those targets you have set yourself.

This is where I have developed a talent for ‘positive conditioning’ (bribery and corruption!)

If I finish that blog post I can have a coffee break… oh, and remember those cookies in the tin, maybe just one of those!

Being Able To Say ‘NO’ – This was a realisation that occurred to me quite a while after I started my offline business. When I first started there were much more urgent factors, like money, time and customer’s needs to deal with, without having to say ‘no’ to people!

But gradually, as all the component parts of my fledgling business began to drop into place and I felt more in control of the ‘monster’ I had created! I felt calmer and more in charge.

I began to understand that I was in control of this amazing business opportunity and the direction it went in was my decision.

When I noticed that the work I was doing was making a positive difference to other people’s lives, I found it became easier to make confident choices for an effective work – life balance.

I know that working for myself will enable me to live a meaningful life!


So, join me in working for yourself, choose to do productive work that you enjoy and become an even more creative, determined and inspired person.

Super person

But most of all discover your passion and enjoy the adventure!


Do you have any helpful hints or tips? I would love to hear them…


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